• What our customers say about us ..

    Nothing yet - they're a tad bit shy! Watch this space for an update (or two) very soon; or contact us and we'll put you in touch with our wide variety of clients who vary from large web hosting firms to smaller gaming communities!

    What can we do for you ..

    As we utilise London based datacenters and networks we can provide low-latency solutions, be it gaming or trading - unlike other competitors who use datacenters located outside London where latency is proven to be higher. With our geographical advantage our users benefit from efficient content delivery routes. We can also provide high availability solutions with multiple clustered load balancers at extremely competitive pricing, perfect for large websites or applications which require 100% uptime. Also, we're able to offer DDoS protection when required to all clients to ensure that your services aren't paralysed should you be under attack.

    We have a large range of dedicated servers available, only limited stock is shown on our website, if you require a custom solution please get in touch and we shall be happy to assist you in any way we can, including zero-downtime service moves and managed dedicated servers and managed racks!

    Why choose us ..

    We’re enthusiastic, passionate and ready to help you succeed! At dediShack your not just another number, you’re our customer and we know how to treat our customers; Impeccable services, 24x7x365 support coupled with a rock-solid network is the bare minimum level of service you’ll expect, day or night! If for any reason you're not happy then we’ll do our utmost best to resolve the situation neutrally for both parties to reach a resolution.

    Our objective is simple: To provide cost efficient servers based on a rock solid European network coupled with knowledgeable support staff just a few clicks away! We offer FREE operating installs to customers via PXE or by our staff, in addition we now offer a standard 4 hour hardware replacement SLA, uptime SLA's can be arranged on power and network!

    To summarise the above:

    * Committed to lowering our carbon emissions by using energy efficient hardware.
    * On call technical support situated 10 minutes away from Park Royal (PRDC).
    * Central London based data centers providing superior latency to other outer London DC's.
    * Superb quality server hardware, Dell, Supermicro.
    * 100Mbit network ports as standard.
    * 24x7x365 Support (Fluent in Linux and Windows!).
    * We're always here to help!

    The network.

    We utilise C4L's network for our primary IP transit, built up from a core of Cisco 6500's based in multiple London Dockland data centers - set up in redundant configurations to provide the best uptime possible. With over 20+ Gigabits of upstream and peering connections in the UK alone, you can rest assured that your traffic is flowing via the best routes available! To view further information about C4L's peers/upstreams/internet exchanges, please click here.

    If you'd like a speed test/IP to ping, please contact us and we'll be happy to provide you with all the required information to do so.

    The datacenter.

    We've compiled a PDF with all the details about our industry leading new facility, please click here to download this PDF (Adobe Acrobat reader is required!) or alternatively if you do not have PDF viewing software, please click here.

    If you’d like a tour of any of our data centres please contact us and we’ll happily arrange a guided tour for you!